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For all those who hate writing. Type your content in the text box below and get a handwritten document at the click of a button.

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In this new era of typing and video games, writing homework has become the new unfavorite. People cringe when asked to submit a written assignment.

If that sounds like you, this is for you!

A new, simple way of "writing" assignments and "scanning" them to your teacher (aka typing your notes and getting this natural, handwriting-like image which looks like a scanned copy).

Keep in mind that this is an experiment, definately not production-ready. Feel free to join me @GitHub and fix the bugs, make enhancements, and serve a rather important section of the world's population: the students!

Created with ♥ for students.

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"Text To Handwriting: Transform Typed Text into Beautiful Handwritten Notes"


In the digital age, where typing has become the norm, there is still something undeniably charming and personal about handwritten notes. The act of putting pen to paper carries a certain warmth and authenticity that cannot be replicated by digital fonts. Recognizing this, the concept of "Text To Handwriting" has emerged, offering a delightful solution to transform typed text into beautiful handwritten notes.

Imagine being able to convert your digital messages, documents, or even personal thoughts into elegant, hand-drawn script effortlessly. This innovative technology bridges the gap between the convenience of typing and the allure of handwritten communication. Whether you want to add a personal touch to a letter, create visually appealing notes, or simply enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of handwritten text, "Text To Handwriting" is here to bring your words to life.

In the following sections, we will explore how this transformative tool works, the features and customization options it offers, and the practical applications it holds. We will also address concerns regarding security and privacy, and provide insights from users who have experienced the joy of "Text To Handwriting." By the end, you'll be inspired to embrace the art of handwritten expression in the digital realm. Let's embark on this journey of transforming typed text into beautiful handwritten notes.

How It Works

Features and Customization Options

Enhancing the Handwritten Notes

Practical Applications

Security and Privacy

Feedback and User Reviews



  • Is the "Text To Handwriting" tool free to use?
  • The availability and pricing of the "Text To Handwriting" tool may vary depending on the specific tool or platform. Some tools may offer free basic features with the option to unlock additional premium features through a paid subscription or one-time purchase. We recommend checking the tool's website or app store for detailed information on pricing and features.

  • Can I use the handwritten notes created with the tool for commercial purposes?
  • The usage rights and commercial restrictions may depend on the terms of service of the specific "Text To Handwriting" tool. Some tools may permit commercial use of the handwritten notes, while others may have limitations or require additional licensing. It is important to review the terms of service or contact the tool's support team for clarification on commercial usage rights.

  • Are the handwritten notes saved and accessible for future use?
  • The ability to save and access handwritten notes generated through the "Text To Handwriting" tool depends on the tool's features and functionalities. Many tools offer the option to save the generated notes as image files or in a specific file format for future use. Some tools may also provide cloud storage or integration with note-taking apps for easy access across devices. It is recommended to explore the tool's documentation or settings to understand the saving and accessibility options available.

  • Can I edit the handwritten notes after they have been generated?
  • The editability of handwritten notes created with the "Text To Handwriting" tool depends on the features provided by the tool. In some cases, the generated notes may be exported as image files, which are not easily editable. However, if the tool offers additional features like handwriting recognition or editable text layers, it may be possible to make changes to the content of the notes. It is advisable to check the tool's capabilities or documentation to understand the editing options available.

  • Is the "Text To Handwriting" tool available on mobile devices?
  • Yes, many "Text To Handwriting" tools are available on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. These tools can be accessed through mobile applications or web-based interfaces optimized for mobile browsing. It is recommended to check the app store for your specific mobile platform or visit the tool's website to find the mobile version or compatible options.

  • Information Panel

    This panel gives you information on Type To Write and its features.

    Type To Write is a free text to handwriting converter online. It generates a scanned-looking document which you can download as PNG or PDF for your school, office, or other assignments where you want to pretend that you've written your task.

    Saving The Scanned Image: Type To Write allows you to save the assignment as PNG or PDF. To save the scanned image as PNG (image), click on the Save To PNG option. Alternatively, if you wish to save the scanned image as a PDF, click on the Save To PDF button.

    Using Your Own Font: In case you have made your own font, you can upload it in TTF format. Alternatively, if you want some font which is available for download on websites such as Google Fonts, Urban Fonts, etc. and it isn't available in the Choose Handwriting Font feature, you can upload that here too!

    Ink Color: Choose the color of the pen with which you intend to write your document.

    Font Size: Set the size of the handwritten letters :p

    Vertical Alignment: If the text is not placing itself properly on the notebook line, move it up or down!

    Word Spacing: Set the distance between words.

    Natural Lighting Effect: Decide if your scanned image should have lighting effects which make it look like a natural, phone-scanned image.

    Notebook Lines: Toggle whether you want the horizontal rules to show in the scanned image.

    Notebook Margin: Show the pink vertical and horizontal line that margins the left and top of the scanned notebook page.

    Date: Choose if you want to show date in the margin cross area. Choose your date format and which date you want to display!